“1 In 133,000 Occurrence”: US Newborn Shares Birthday With Both Parents

All three members of the family now share same birthday.

An American couple from Huntsville, Alabama, who already shared the same date of birth, welcomed their first baby on the same date, which means now the whole family shares the same birthday. And the Alabama hospital said that the new-born baby beat odds of 133,000-to-1 to be born on the same day as both parents.

According to a Facebook post from the Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children, Cassidy and Dylan Scott welcomed their daughter Lennon on December 18, giving her the same birthday as both of her parents.

“Congratulations to Cassidy and Dylan Scott, who just welcomed their firstborn child into the world! This is an exciting time for any family, but it’s extra special for this family because they all share the same birthday. That’s right! On Sunday, Dec. 18, a chance of one in 133,000 occurred when their daughter Lennon was born. She held on until 12:30 a.m., just in time for the celebration. Please join us in wishing this sweet family a very happy birthday!,” the hospital posted.

Due to the post’s intriguing content, it has received a lot of attention. More than 2,000 people liked and over 2,000 people shared the post.

Many Facebook users are also leaving interesting remarks on it.

“My husband, myself and our first born, our son, all share the same birthday. Welcome to the club! Our son is 31 now. It’s turned into a “Padellford family holiday” for us over the years. Enjoy…and get used to people being amazed when you tell them lol! Happy birthday to you all!,” wrote one user.

“Congratulations! I had a similar experience with my three son-in-laws, all of whom were born on October 13-two on the same day. Not planned. New Hampshire, Louisiana and Chicago,” commented one user.

“Congratulations. Our firstborn arrived in the very same way at Huntsville Hospital on June 24, 1991. It makes for many fantastic memories. “Congratulations again!” commented a third user.

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