7 Quick Cocktails For Your New Year’s Eve Get-Together

The year 2022 is finally drawing to a close and we are all excited about what 2023 will bring. 31st December 2022 will be celebrated as New Year’s Eve all across the world. People will usher in the new year with parties, get-togethers, and exciting events with near and dear ones. Food and drinks are too an integral part of New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you are planning to host a soiree at your home for your loved ones, we have just what you need. Here are some quick and easy cocktails that you can whip up to ring in New Year’s Eve 2022 on a happy note.

Here Are 7 Quick Cocktails For Your New Year’s Eve Get-Together:

1. Soda Highball 

When it comes to cocktails, it just doesn’t get easier than this! Soda highball is basically a two-ingredient cocktail made with soda and whisky. You can pep it up with some ice cubes or a slice of lemon or orange. Click here for the soda highball recipe.

2. Whisky Sour 

Another one for whisky lovers, whisky sour is an all-time favourite. The idyllic mix of the spirit with lemon juice, sugar syrup and lemon zest makes for a refreshing drink. You can also whip egg white for an additional frothy element on top. Find the full recipe for whisky sour here.

The combination of whisky with a citrusy zing makes whisky sour a timeless classic. Photo: iStock

3. Spiced Rum

On New Year’s eve day, spirits may be high but temperatures are quite low. This interesting spiced rum is the ideal warming concoction to make your New Year’s eve celebrations thoroughly enjoyable. The delicious spice blend makes this cocktail unmissable. Click here for the full recipe for spiced rum.

4. Moscow Mule

With just four ingredients and a zero-fuss preparation, Moscow mule is ideal for your parties and celebrations. The interesting combination of ginger ale, vodka and lemon juice gives your palate a citrusy blast without overpowering the drink. Find the full recipe for Moscow Mule here.

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moscow mule

Moscow mule is an amazing drink that is actually quite simple to make. Photo: iStock

5. Espresso Old Fashioned

You may have tried an Espresso Martini, but how about an espresso old-fashioned? For all those who love coffee, this cocktail recipe is a must-try. Sometimes, going the classic, old-fashioned way is all we need! Click here for the full recipe of Espresso Old Fashioned.

6. Rainbow Sangria

When in doubt, there’s always sangria! If you are looking for an easy cocktail that is an instant crowd-pleaser, rainbow sangria is what you need. This quick and easy recipe combines white wine with seasonal fruits such as grapes, oranges and more to give you a stellar drink that is simply delicious. Click here for the full recipe for rainbow sangria.

7. Full-Time LIIT 

This full-time Long Island Iced Tea will guarantee everyone has a good time at your party! Just mix up the spirits, add a dash of vanilla syrup, lemon juice and ice and your quick and easy cocktail is ready to be served at the New Year’s Eve gathering. Find the full recipe here.

Here’s wishing our readers a very happy New Year 2023!

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