Aahana Kumra Reacts To Fan Inappropriately Touching Her: ‘It Threw Me Off’

Aahana Kumra was last seen in Salaam Venky. (Credits: Instagram/

Aahana Kumra faced an uncomfortable situation when a fan tried putting his hand around her waist during a recent event.

Aahana Kumra, the actress known for her unforgettable roles in movies like Lipstick Under My Burkha, Salaam Venky, and Rangbaaz among others, recently encountered a distressing situation that shattered the boundaries between admiration and invasion. During a photo session at a Mumbai event, a fan overstepped the line, invading Aahana Kumra’s personal space. But she refused to remain silent and promptly called out the inappropriate gesture by the fan. “Don’t touch me,” she said when her fan tried to put his hand around her waist. The incident, captured on camera, reverberated across social media, igniting a powerful conversation about the importance of consent and respect.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Aahana Kumra emphasised how social media sometimes blurs these boundaries, leading some fans to forget the need for respect and personal space. Opening up about the incident, she expressed, “I agreed for a picture but I was like, ‘Sorry, you can’t touch me’. It was kind of weird.” She said that people must understand their boundaries, particularly when she graciously obliges their requests.

Aahana Kumra feels that social media is to be blamed for fans thinking like they know celebrities inside out. “Being public figures who have our lives out in the open on social media, people think we are so accessible, as they see us almost every day. Sometimes the lines get blurred. They think that they know us, but we don’t know them. I feel like there has to be a boundary maintained,” she said.

In addition, she called for enhanced security measures at such events, emphasizing the need for bouncers to prevent such incidents from occurring. Aahana expressed her concern about the lack of proper security measures in place during the incident, mentioning that there was nobody to control or restrain the individuals involved. She further revealed that she was unaware of the incident being posted online until later.

The Marzi actor further disclosed that this had never occurred to her before, and “it kind of threw her off.” The incident occurred during ZEE5’s anniversary celebrations. “I’ll be very careful now at an event and I will politely decline any photos because if it’s going to be harassment, I might as well stay away from it,” she concluded.

Work-wise, Aahana Kumra recently appeared in the highly acclaimed film Salaam Venky, directed by Revathi. The film stars Kajol in the lead role, with Aahana Kumra portraying the character of a journalist. Salaam Venky also boasts an impressive ensemble cast including Rahul Bose, Rajeev Khandelwal, Vishal Jethwa, and Prakash Raj, adding depth and intensity to the captivating storyline. Up next, she has several intriguing projects lined up. She will be starring alongside Sharib Hashmi in the futuristic thriller Cancer, directed by Faisal Hashmi. The makers are yet to announce the final release date.

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