Actor Manchu Vishnu to Help Vasuki Financially Via Movie Artists Association

Actor Manchu Vishnu will lend financial support to actress Vasuki.

Vasuki’s financial crisis has made news after one of her interviews surfaced on social media.

Veteran actress Pakeezah, popularly known with her stage name Vasuki, is currently facing a difficult time in her life. She is going through a dire financial crisis and has not been able to gather funds for a decent meal. Vasuki’s financial crisis has made news after one of her interviews surfaced on social media. Fortunately, many renowned actors have stepped in to help her. Now, the Movie Artists Association and actor Manchu Vishnu have also decided to support her.

As shared by actress and MAA member Karate Kalyani on social media, Vasuki will be helped with Rs 90,000 by Vishnu. Vasuki will also be given a membership card MAA. As informed by Kalyani, Vasuki and her family will be entitled to many benefits associated with the membership card of the association.

Vishnu’s father Mohan Babu had also supported Vasuki. According to reports, he had a conversation with her earlier. Mohan said that he would meet her once he comes back from the United States. Chiranjeevi had also offered Vasuki a hefty sum as remuneration for help.

When the news of Vasuki’s grave financial crisis emerged on social media, users were shocked and wanted to know the reason behind it. Till now, no exact reason is out in public domain, on why she is facing such circumstances. They were sad when one of her interviews with anchor Roshan (Srinivas Reddy) surfaced on Suman TV Entertainment. Vasuki got emotional while talking about her deplorable condition on this channel.

Before these problems occurred, she had dominated headlines for her last released film Calls. Released on February 26, 2021, this film had received accolades for showing a message related to women’s safety in the society. Cine buffs referred to it as a must watch movie for audiences, especially women. Film lovers also wondered why it has been so underrated. Vasuki, after the success of this film, failed to bag any key role in movies. She had also not made any public appearances after essaying an important role in Calls.

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