Actor Pankaj Tripathi Revamps The Bihar Primary School He Once Studied In

Pankaj Tripathi decided to revamp the school’s infrastructure when he visited and witnessed the poor conditions students were studying in.

The actor is originally from Gopalganj, a district in Bihar, and he recently got a government school renovated.

Pankaj Tripathi is one of the leading actors in the industry. He has achieved several accolades and is one of the most popular choices to play a protagonist for one reason – sheer talent. His effortless acting skills make every role he plays believable. But before he became a famous actor in Bollywood, Pankaj had humble beginnings. The actor is originally from Gopalganj, a district in Bihar and he recently got a government school renovated there.

Pankaj spoke about his decision to get the school renovated to ABP news, “Our Gopalganj district administration made an app called the Gopalganj Gaurav app. A meeting was held where the administration said that if anyone who is from the district but resides outside, wants to undertake social service activities for their village or district, the administration will help them undertake such activities. I was present in the meeting, and I felt it was a good initiative.” He revealed that two months later, the principal of the new secondary school and the actor’s former primary school called him and said that they required funds to construct a compound wall and gates to secure the premises.

Pankaj planned and funded the project along with his elder brother. However, when he visited the school, he realized that the school was in bad condition with the plaster on the walls falling off. Moreover, the colours were faded, lights and fans weren’t functioning properly and a lot of other things were wrong with the school’s infrastructure. Pankaj then decided to revamp the whole school through the trust that was formed in the name of his mother and father, Pandit Banaras Tiwari Foundation.

Pankaj further stated that the initiative was taken in order to inspire students to attend the school and show a keen interest in their studies “by experiencing the state-of-the-art infrastructure in their vicinity and develop an interest in education.”

The upgrade was completed through the trust fund and collaboration with the paint brand that Pankaj is the ambassador. The brand reportedly liked Pankaj’s idea of revamping the school and providing electrical equipment and paint.

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