Andy Cohen Shares Adorable Photo of Daughter Lucy, 7 Months, Smiling in Her Rainbow Pajamas

Lucy Eve is one cheerful young lady!

Andy Cohen shared a lovable new photograph of his 7-month-old little girl on his Instagram Story Thursday, showing the baby grinning while at the same time getting help standing up on the lounge chair. In the charming snap, little Lucy wears a couple of white nightgown printed with various shaded rainbows and has a little yellow clasp in her hair.

She gazes straight toward the camera with her big blue eyes as somebody holds her up and Lucy extends her arm toward the photographic artist.

Cohen added Cart Parton’s “Child I’m Burnin’” behind the scenes as Lucy bobs. Notwithstanding Lucy, the Radio Andy have, 54, is additionally father to child Benjamin Allen, 3½.

Last month, Cohen talked with Individuals about how he’s exploring his new job as a father of two, saying that he’s had a “complete change in need” since inviting his children. “I’m deciding to remain at home with them far beyond I at any point would have,” he shared. “I was not somebody who at any point remained at home, so my needs have quite recently completely different.”

As a solitary parent, Cohen stressed the significance of “being upheld.” “Ensure you have help,” he added.

With the new expansion of a subsequent kid, the television character expressed one of his biggest difficulties is using time effectively.

“Right when I think I’ve had a great deal of truly quality time with Ben, I need to go to Lucy and sit with her and I simply need to thoroughly search in her face and I believe she should see me and hear my voice and know that I’m here,” he made sense of. “It’s just about shuffling using time productively with both of them.”

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