‘Blonde’ Director Responds to Backlash Over Film’s ‘Exploitation’ of Marilyn Monroe: ‘She’s Dead’

Blonde chief Andrew Dominik is delighting in the reaction over his film’s portrayal of late screen legend Marilyn Monroe.

The Australian producer, 55, said he was “truly satisfied” that the made up take on her life “offended such countless individuals” in the wake of debuting on Netflix in September, as he seemed Sunday at the Red Ocean Global Film Celebration in Saudi Arabia, as per The Hollywood Columnist. He pinned the reaction on U.S. audiences, expressing: “They couldn’t stand the film!”

“This moment we’re residing in an opportunity where it means a lot to introduce ladies as enabled, and they need to rethink Marilyn Monroe as an engaged lady.

That is the very thing they need to see. Furthermore, in the event that you’re not showing them that, it disturbs them,” Dominik made sense of.

“Which is somewhat weird, since she’s dead. The film has no effect somehow,” he proceeded. “What they truly mean is that the film took advantage of their memory of her, their picture of her, which is all good. Yet, that is the entire thought of the film. It’s attempting to take the iconography of her life and put it into administration of something different, attempting to take things you knew all about, and turning the importance back to front. Yet, that is the very thing they would rather not see.”

In view of Joyce Carol Oates’ 2000 novel, Blonde stars Ana de Armas as Monroe all through her life, including her ascent to notoriety, a portion of her most lamentable minutes and her passing from a barbiturate glut in 1962. The film, which got a NC-17 rating “for some sexual content,” was examined for taking advantage of Monroe’s injury with such fictionalized scenes, for example, a realistic fetus removal in which her unborn child beseeches her not to end the pregnancy. Monroe was likewise portrayed as being in a three-manner sexual relationship with Charlie “Cass” Chaplin Jr. furthermore, Edward “Whirlpool” G. Robinson Jr., as well as being compelled to perform oral sex on President John F. Kennedy, neither of which stories have been validated.

One pundit referred to it as “quite horrifying,” portraying the film as an “NC-17 rough dream about #MarilynMonroe introducing itself as a life story.”

One more said it “re-generalizes Monroe as well as revels in her exploitation and self-denial.” Dominik, who recently cautioned that the film would “outrage everybody,” noted at the Red Ocean Film Fest that “a huge number of individuals” streamed the film on Netflix, pinning the reaction on American motion pictures turning out to be “more moderate.”

“In any case, I would rather not make sleep time stories,” said Dominik. Blonde is currently gushing on Netflix.

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