Buffaloes Take A Morning Dip In UK Pool, Cost Couple Rs 25 Lakh

Buffaloes invade swimming pool

A video is going viral on social media which shows a herd of escaped buffaloes wrecking a couple’s new swimming pool- by taking a dip. The 18 buffaloes escaped from a nearby farm and took a morning dip into the Essex swimming pool, reported BBC.

The CCTV footage captured the moment the animals fell through the pool cover and caused damage of 25,000 pounds (Rs 25,00, 000).

Andy and Lynette Smith, who are retired told Guardian that eight of the buffaloes ended up falling into the 70,000 pounds pool and triggered a stampede that ruined the fencing and flower beds. The animals were rescued later and were unharmed.

The incident happened last year in July when electric fencing failed, allowing the herd to breach a wooden fence and hedge separating their field from the Smiths’ garden.

“When my wife went to make the morning tea, she glanced out of the kitchen window and saw eight buffaloes in the pool,” Andy Smith told Guardian. “She called 999 and was told the fire brigade doesn’t accept hoax calls. It took some persuading to get them to take us seriously. When they arrived, one of the buffaloes, spooked by their hi-vis jackets, headed straight at them.”

A spokesperson from NFU Mutual Insurance said that the claim had been “settled and paid”.

They said, “We apologise for the delay in paying this claim and in particular the initial wait for an inspector’s visit, which took too long and fell short of our usual standards.”

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