ChatGPT Writes Shakespearean Poem On Climate Change, Twitter Reacts

The AI chatbot also talked about industrialisation and gas combustion.

ChatGPT has been making headlines since its debut. It has been used to complete assignments, such as writing work emails in specific tones, styles and instructions. Many people have confessed to becoming addicted to the new craze. A Twitter user asked the conversational chatbot to explain climate change in Shakespearean language. The post with chatbot’s response is now viral and has amassed reaction from several users.

Dan Miller shared ChatGPT’s reaction in a Twitter thread, and the 28-line poem is fairly impressive owing to its use of intricate language, vivid imagery and catchy rhythm.

“I asked #ChatGPT4 to explain #ClimateChange in the voice of #Shakespeare.  The result is quite extraordinary,” he said in the tweet. Responding to the same, the bot said, “Prithee, attend, thou gentle souls and wise, To hear a tale of warming in our skies, A change that doth the very earth beset, And causeth all in sundry ways to fret.”

The AI chatbot also talked about industrialisation and gas combustion. “In days of yore, when men didst burn with greed, The blackened stone and ebon oils did feed. Their wanton lust for progress, wealth, and might, Unwittingly they set a course for blight.”

“By burning these, they spewed into the air. A noxious gas, invisible yet fair, This gas, which men doth call carbon dioxide, A potent brew that nature doth deride,” it said. 

The poem also lists other factors that have an impact on “mortal lives”, such as rising temperatures, ice melting, rising sea levels, storms, and drought. The last two paragraphs of the verses issue a warning regarding and offer some guidance to refrain from actions that endanger the environment.

“By slow degrees, the oceans and the land. Do feel the grip of this ungentle hand, Which melteth ice and causeth seas to rise, And storm and drought to plague our mortal lives. Now, mark me well, dear friends, as I relate. The consequence of mankind’s folly great: The time is nigh when all that dwell on earth, Must reckon with the cost of progress’ birth,” it said.

It concluded “To halt this change, we must our ways amend, Turn from the path which leads us to our end, Embrace the power of sun and wind and wave, And strive, dear friends, our noble world to save.”

Since being shared, the post has amassed over three lakh views and a thousand likes.

“It is extraordinary,” said a user.

“That is quite amazing,” mentioned another person.

“Beautiful and scary at once. One must now wait for accusations of #woke #chatgpt4 because it too grasps what is plain to see,” remarked another person.

A user added, “Wow. That’s both incredible and almost alarming if AI came up with that.”

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