Cher Gushes About Her ‘Handsome’ Younger Boyfriend: ‘On Paper, It’s Kind of Ridiculous’

Cher isn’t being bashful about her relationship with Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards.

The pop genius, 76, showed up on the Kelly Clarkson Show Friday and made sense of precisely exact thing it is that attracts her to her new accomplice, 36. “On paper, it’s sort of crazy,” Cher said of the matching. “In any case, all things considered, we get along perfect. He’s marvelous. What’s more, I don’t give men characteristics that they don’t merit.”

Depicting the rapper and music executive — whom she was first sincerely connected to recently after they were spotted clasping hands — Cher drilled down a few characteristics that she’d use to portray her better half. “He’s actual kind, exceptionally savvy, he’s extremely skilled, and he’s truly entertaining,” she said. “Furthermore, I believe he’s very attractive.”

The performer proceeded to make sense of her thinking behind dating more youthful men, let Clarkson know that she would’ve “never had a date” had she recently adhered to more seasoned folks.

“More established men simply could have done without me so much,” Cher said. “Do you have at least some idea what I mean? I have two or three beaus that were floating around my age, yet they simply could have done without me for reasons unknown. Furthermore, perhaps more youthful men couldn’t care less if you’re amusing or absurd and have any desire to do inept things, and you have major areas of strength for the. I’m not surrendering my character for anyone, alright?”

Cher and Edwards, who shares 3-year-old child Slice Electric with ex Golden Rose, met at Paris Style Week this previous September. Not long after the two were shot clasping hands, she focused on him on Twitter, suggesting to one devotee that she wasn’t annoyed by the 40-year age hole between the two. “LOVE DOESN’T KNOW MATH, IT SEES ❤️ ❤️,” she composed. The “Sufficient” vocalist has been vocal about him on the virtual entertainment stage since, making sense of that he’s been dealing with Cher like a “sovereign” and that “everybody in my family has” met him.

Not long prior to Thanksgiving, Cher posted a shirtless photograph of him, telling supporters he’s the person who sought after her. “He’s the predictable one, I’m the sketchy one,” she added.

“I DON’T GIVE MEN Characteristics THEY DON’T Have. IT’S A RECIPE 4 Debacle,” Cher told another devotee. “HE’S ‘NOT’ HIS TATS, HAIR Tone, 💎 Barbecue. I ❤️ HIM Since HE WASN’T Apprehensive. HE’S Benevolent, Entertaining, Savvy, Capable, Lovely. WE TALK and Snicker. WE R Impeccably Coordinated. DO I Want to be More youthful, YAH, I’M NOT BOO F — N HOO.”

“We love one another… .” she said of Edwards, functions as a music chief at General Music Gathering. “LADIES Won’t ever surrender.” Cher was recently hitched to late performers Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman, with whom she shares children Chaz, 53, and Elijah, 46, separately. She’s additionally had associations with Warren Beatty, Val Kilmer, Tom Voyage, and others.

Concerning Edwards, he and Rose were together for quite a long time before it finished in August 2021, with Rose blaming Edwards for going behind her back with no less than 12 distinct individuals. He later conceded his betrayal, saying in an Instagram Experience that he “got found out” venturing out on Rose. “Toward the end, I don’t figure anyone can be blissful or effective in the event that you’re not really yourself, whether others grasp it or fault you … ” he said at that point. “It’s exactly who I am, and it’s not the way that [Rose] needs to be cherished.”

Cher, it appears, isn’t irritated by it. “Angel ENGLISH IS MY Most memorable LANGUAGE,” she let one know supporter who cautioned her to watch out.

“I’M IN ❤️ NOT Dazed BY IT. Understand WHAT I KNOW … SMOKE DOESN’T Generally MEAN 🔥.”

“Obviously … I WASN’T BORN YESTERDAY,” Cher kept in touch with another fan who said they were dubious of Edwards’ aims. ”

What I know without a doubt, there are no certifications. Whenever you settle on a decision, you take a risk. I’ve generally taken risks … it’s who I’m.”

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