Erin Napier Asks Fans to ‘Pray’ for Her Christmas Tree as Baby Daughter Mae Tries to Get Close

Erin Napier is attempting to safeguard her Christmas tree no matter what.

Throughout the end of the week, the HGTV star, 37, shared a photograph of her perfectly enriched Christmas tree on her Instagram Story as her 17-month-old little girl Mae attempts to draw near and contact the tree. Mae, whom Erin imparts to spouse Ben Napier, is impeded from the tree as the stylistic layout is watched by a pet door and two eating seats.

The young lady gazes toward the lit tree as she remains in a couple of pink night wear and clutches a fluffy cover.

“You all appeal to God for this tree,” Erin composed on the slide, likewise playing the tune “Mental tenacity” behind the scenes.

Alongside Mae, Ben and Erin Napier are likewise guardians to little girl Helen, 4.

The couple as of late visited with Individuals about their girls’ relationship with each other, sharing that they’re “at long last playing together.”

“But at the same time they’re at long last desirous. In the event that one of them gets in Mom’s lap, the other one is not far behind, and there’s a battle fixing to occur,” added Ben with a snicker.

“Also, in the event that I attempt to put them both in my lap, they simply pull each other’s hair,” said Erin. “So it’s a battle at this moment, truly.”

Toward the finish of every day at the family’s new ranch style home in Shrub, Mississippi, there is one custom that brings quiet: shower time.

Helen has assumed on the liability of preparing Mae and into the tub prior to following behind. “Mae feels like she’s at the magnificence shop, I presume. It’s truly sweet,” said Erin.

“And afterward I oversee. I watch them and just made an effort not to cry, since Helen doesn’t have the foggiest idea about what’s so sweet thus exceptional about this.”

Ben, who Erin kidded has turned into a blubbering young lady father, is cherishing these times as well. “I’ve never been stressed over birthday celebrations,” he said.

“My 30th birthday celebration went back and forth, and 40 is coming. What disturbs me is that I burned through 35 years without Helen or Mae. They are becoming so quick.”

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