Heard About Masala Jalebi? This Latest Bizarre Food Has Left Internet Disgusted

There is no dearth of food experimentation videos on the internet. People leave no opportunity to try out new recipes and come up with unique combinations. While some of them are a hit, others are simply bizarre. From gulab jamun burger, fried ice cream to cold coffee Maggi, chocolate paratha and more – we’ve seen it all! Adding to the list of bizarre food combinations, this time it’s masala jalebi. Yes, you heard us. A picture of the bizarre food was shared on Twitter by Mayur Sejpal.  

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In the photo, we can see a plate full of masala jalebi. “Anyone want masala jalebi?” read the caption of the post. Jalebi is a popular spiral-shaped traditional Indian sweet that is dipped in sugar syrup. This dessert is generally prepared at festivals and is found across India.  

Check out the picture of masala jalebi here: 

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Since being uploaded, the picture has amassed over 25.5 K views and 75 likes on Twitter. Many people have cringed after looking at this bizarre food combination and expressed their disgust in the comments section. One person wrote, “Jalebi is a sweet dish, please don’t add masala.” 

Another user wrote, “Bhagwan maaf nahi karega (God will not forgive you).” 

“Aur kya dekhna baki raha ess jalim duniya mai (What else remains to be seen in this cruel world),” read a third comment.  

“Tujhe bhagwan toh shayad maaf kar bhi de per main kabhi maaf nhi karungi. (God may forgive you but I will never forgive),” added another. 

Well, this is not the first time that we’ve seen people experiment with jalebi. Earlier in November, a food blogger uploaded a video of trying jalebi with aloo sabzi. The video was uploaded on Instagram page @whatsupdilli. It begins with a street-food vendor pouring hot aloo sabzi over a piece of jalebi. It then progresses to show the food blogger trying the bizarre food combination. Read more about it here. 

What did you think of this masala jalebi? Let us know in the comments below! 

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