How Did Delmer Walton Die? Polo Player Cause of Death Explained

Delmer Walton, a dad of three from Aiken District died on Saturday.

How Did Delmer Die? Delmer Walton, 39, of Blackville, was killed in a solitary vehicle mishap that happened on Surrey Race Street, nearly 15 miles from his home, early Saturday.

Walton was the proprietor of Walton Ranch Polo, a polo-explicit rearing, boarding, and preparing office that has some expertise in polo horses. The deadly mishap occurred around 2:50 am on S.C. Roadway 4 close to Kittery Road on December 3, 2022, Saturday morning.

What has been going on with Delmer Walton? As per Coroner Darryl Ables, Walton was driving east close to Kittery Road when he ran off the right half of Surrey Race Street in his 2004 Toyota Highlander SUV.

The excessive driver was catapulted after his vehicle crashed and struck a tree. Walton experienced obtuse power wounds and was announced departed at the spot.

On Saturday night, Christopher Shelli reviewed “Del” as a “companion, parent, and expert player for Post Christopher’s Polo Crew.”

Delmer Walton Reason for Death An expert polo player from the Aiken Nation was associated with his affection for his youngsters and the game of polo. Delmer Walton, 39, of Blackville, South Carolina, has been named as the casualty of mishap by the Aiken Area Coroner’s Office.

Delmer Walton reason for death was a mishap. The Parkway Watch and the Coroner’s Office alongside S.C. Parkway Watch are as yet investigating the matter. Investigation of the toxicology is forthcoming.

A 2004 Toyota Highlander SUV was going east on S.C. Parkway 4 when the driver wandered away from the street, overcorrected, and crashed into a tree, as per Expert Officer James Mill operator. The main individual in the vehicle was the driver. There is as of now no extra data accessible.

“Our considerations and petitions to God are with his family and his youngsters this evening,” Shelli said.

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