How Shane Gregoire Proposed To Anurag Kashyap’s Daughter Aaliyah

Aaliyah Kashyap and Shane Gregoire met on a dating app. (Credits: Instagram/aaliyahkashyap)

Aaliyah Kashyap in her recent vlog detailed how Shane Gregoire managed to give her the ‘dream ring’ while popping the big question.

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aaliyah Kashyap recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Shane Gregoire in Bali. The 22-year-old shared the news with her fans on social media accompanied by adorable pictures. And now, Aaliyah has treated her fans to an exclusive glimpse into the meticulous planning behind Shane Gregoire’s heartwarming proposal. She revealed the behind-the-scenes magic that led to this beautiful chapter in their lives, in her recent vlog. The young social media influencer gave viewers a closer look at her 3-day outing, while also revealing how the secret proposal came into play. Flaunting her engagement ring in the vlog, Aaliyah detailed how Shane managed to give her the ‘dream ring’ while popping the big question.

“We got engaged yesterday. I was not expecting it to happen. Oh my God guys. Look at this ring. He did such a good job with this ring. It’s literally my dream ring that I’ve had on my Pinterest for god knows how many long. He did such a good job,” shared an elated Aaliyah. Apparently, the YouTuber was getting her nails done when her partner rushed her to get ready for a ‘cool sunset’ spot. Since she was unaware of what was about to conspire, Aaliyah couldn’t understand the reason behind Shane’s haste.

“I couldn’t Vlog after getting my nails done yesterday because he picked me up and he was like we need to go. I found this really cool sunset spot and I was like ‘Okay sure’. Then we went to this sunset place and he kept rushing me to get ready,” she added. Aaliyah also revealed Shane was driving like a ‘mad man’ for not missing the sunset, all while she was oblivious to the truth.

“He was driving like a madman because the sun was almost setting. I was so confused why he was driving like a crazy person and when he got there, it was just the sweetest thing to happen,” she continued.

The evening ended with the newly-engaged couple celebrating the happy occasion privately with their close friends. Elsewhere in the Vlog, Aaliyah Kashyap indulged in some gyming sessions, paddle tennis, multiple brunches, and a romantic date with her partner for life. While breaking the engagement news on Instagram, Aaliyah called her Bali vacation, “the best three days of my life.”

In a lengthy heartwarming note, she explained how Shane went on to become her best friend first, before being her partner, soulmate, and now fiance. “Saying yes to you was the easiest thing I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, my love,” she said.

Meanwhile, Shane’s engagement post was completed with a video where he candidly spoke about their Gen-Z love story. The duo first met and began talking on the online dating platform, and from their first interaction to the present day, their bond has only grown stronger.

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