Jenna Bush Hager Recalls When Now-Husband Got Caught Sneaking Out of White House One Morning

Jenna Bramble Hager is glancing back at one of the most clever minutes from her time in the White House.

The previous first girl turned Today show character, 41, showed up on Tuesday Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where she was gotten some information about how the time her currently spouse Henry Hager was found escaping the White House after he furtively went through the evening.

It’s a story Jenna has discussed previously, however this time Bravo watchers were interested the way in which Henry was capable foil secret help on his initial morning mission out of 1600 Pennsylvania Road. “Indeed, he was gotten, that was the issue,” Jenna said with a chuckle.

She proceeded to take note of that their top concern was certainly not a “26-year-old in that frame of mind before garments,” as their responsibility is to keep individuals from “coming in” the White House not to ensure she wasn’t “connecting.” Prior in November, Jenna imparted the clever memory on Today to Hoda and Jenna.

“Henry said he awakened and he glanced around and he was like, ‘Aaaaaaaah’ in light of the fact that he worked for my father,” she told Hoda Kotb, referring to George W. Shrub, the 43rd leader of the US. Shockingly, Jenna wasn’t worried. “‘Well have a great time,’ ” she told her then-sweetheart arrangement with everything going on. “I couldn’t have cared less. Bye!”

“My folks were voyaging and I was remaining there,” she added. “We’d gone out to the bars and, similar to all connections do, it arrived at a specific level.”

Presently wedded for quite a long time, the pair share three youngsters, Mila, 9, Poppy, 7, and Hal, 3.

“Might you at any point envision awakening and simply being, similar to, ‘Where am I? What is this odd room?’ ” she added. On Tuesday’s WWHL, the candid television star likewise revealed to have Andy Cohen precisely what her family’s response was to a new disclosure that she doesn’t wear clothing since she could do without noticeable undies lines.

“I’m certain my folks were not excited,” Jenna said in the wake of explaining that it was Kotb, 58, who really raised her propensity for going commando.

“I’m a woman, I could not have possibly shared that data.” Kotb, as a matter of fact, had been the one to bring it up during a transmission of Today.

“I was somewhat shocked on the grounds that Jenna and I know a ton about one another,” Kotb said, making sense of that she found Shrub Hager’s affection for going commando just before the show, when the two needed to change in the dressing region. “I just had a little shock with it.”

Jenna, as far as concerns her, protected her decision. “I think it makes an all the more beautiful outline!” she said.

“I additionally figure you don’t need to pack so a lot. There’s a ton of experts to it!”

She didn’t wear clothing when she met with Lord Charles — then Sovereign Charles — the prior night Sovereign Elizabeth II died.

“It was a delightful tight dress,” Jenna said on WWHL. “It would have shown!”

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