Jim Parsons Says the Smell of Winter Reminds Him of Falling in Love With Husband Todd Spiewak

Jim Parsons generally values a snapshot of wistfulness.

At home in New York City with his significant other, maker Todd Spiewak, the Emmy champ, 49, as of late reviewed it getting chillier for a couple of days.

“My significant other and I met on Nov. 15, 2002,” Parsons tells Individuals in the current week’s issue. “I will always remember that pre-winter into special times of year when we hung out falling more enamored. Each time there’s that smell when the air gets cold in New York, it generally reminds me.”

Parsons, who is presently featuring in the new heartfelt show Fair warning, addressed Individuals for its Something final page:

Last game I played: toward the beginning of today I played Wordle. I’ve gotten it on the subsequent attempt however never the first.

I generally start with S-L-A-I-N. I believe there’s a couple different words that are better, however I’ve hunkered down so I’m staying with it.

Last time my canine made me chuckle: Each time my little Maltese, Stevie, pees, he figures out how to step in it.

Today he stepped in it, however returned to smell it. I really laughed uncontrollably, despite the fact that it’s appalling.

Last ideal day away from work: It was so basic. I got up had opportunity and willpower to drink espresso and pay attention to music and diary.

Then I had a back rub and we requested in Chinese food. That was paradise.

Last time I was awed: On set with [Spoiler Alert costar] Sally Field. Investigating those eyes was like, “Wow, is this deserving of her?” I’ve appreciated her my whole life.

Heads up is presently playing in theaters.

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