Malaika Arora Relishes Chicken Ramen Soup On A Chilly Winter Evening 

Winters are here and we cannot help but think about all things warm and comforting. While you may have a wide spread of winter dishes to relish, there’s absolutely nothing that beats a bowl of piping hot soup. And, Malaika Arora would agree with us. The actress triggered our taste buds with her delectable indulgence, a bowl of “chicken ramen soup for the soul.” Can it get any better? Yes, of course. Let us tell you the yummy bowl was homemade. We could spot shredded chicken strips, sliced carrots and green onions along with chillies in the bowl. “Just what the doctor ordered… Chicken Ramen soup for the soul,” Malaika Arora captioned the post, with the hashtag “#homemade.” 

See Malaika Arora’s soupy indulgence: 

Malaika Arora enjoyed a delicious chicken ramen soup. Photo: Instagram

There are a number of soup recipes that you too can relish in winter season. Here are some recipes inspired by Malaika Arora:

1. Tomato and Jasmin Soup 

Even though this combination sounds weird, the goodness of jasmine tea when combined with the tanginess of fresh tomato puree gives you a perfect winter soup. Add a bit of pepper and thyme along with a drizzle of truffle oil. Find the recipe here. 

2. Chicken Sweet Corn Soup 

A bowl of chicken soup can be considered a complete meal in itself. Loaded with veggies, chicken and a flavorful broth, this recipe is every bit delicious. Save it now. 

3. Almond and Mushroom Soup 

Finely chopped mushrooms mixed with almonds, pepper, butter, cream and milk, results in a bowl of luscious soup. An ideal indulgence for a chilly winter evening. Recipe inside. 

4. Beetroot Soup 

Beetroot is a winter must. If you pair it with bottle gourd and a whole lot of spices, there is nothing that can come close. A hint of salt and pepper will bring together your beetroot soup. Serve it both hot and cold. Recipe here. 

5. Hot Noodle Soup 

Add chicken strips to a delightful mix of noodles and a flavourful broth of hot spices, coconut milk, and lime juice. Result? A wholesome meal in the making. Click here for recipe. 

We would second Malaika Arora’s statement that a piping hot bowl soup is indeed food “for the soul.”

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