Manuela Escobar Today: How rich is Pablo Escobar’s daughter?

Who is Manuela Escobar? Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos is the daughter of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar. Better called Manuela Escobar, little is understood about Manuela, as she leads a reclusive way of life, and remains off social media. She has one brother, the architect and author Sebastian Marroquin. Read on to find out about her adolescence, education, internet really worth and greater.

Manuela Escobar’s Childhood Manuela turned into born to Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao on 25th May 1984, in Colombia. Her mother and father married 8 years earlier, whilst Pablo was elderly 26 and Maria Victoria 15; they’d recognised every different for three years.

Manuela loved a high priced formative years until her father’s death – it’s said that her father owned non-public jets, a 7000-acre estate named ‘Hacienda Napoles’ , and a personal zoo containing over 2 hundred extraordinary animals along with elephants and camels.

The Escobar family went at the run on 22nd July, 1992, while Pablo escaped from his private prison La Catedral. Manuela’s brother Marroquin gave an interview in 2009 to Don Juan Magazine, wherein he said that the circle of relatives became blindfolded and relocated by Pablo every two days, so that they wouldn’t realize where they have been. He is quoted as pronouncing that Pablo burned $2 million greenbacks to hold Manuela heat whilst she became hypothermic in this kind of hideouts, placed in a mountain near Medellin.

Pablo became still at the run from police when he died in a shootout on 2nd December 1993, whilst Manuela become just nine years old. Despite his notoriety, his funeral become attended by over 25,000 people.

After her father’s death, Manuela, her mother and brother changed their names and fled Colombia. In some other interview, her brother said ‘…We stayed in Colombia for a year, looking ahead to any person to help us after my father’s demise. We requested the Vatican and the United Nations however nobody wanted to assist us, so it turned into our ultimate choice if we wanted to stay alive.’

Manuela Escobar’s Life in Argentina The circle of relatives finally travelled around many nations, together with Brazil and Ecuador till they settled in Argentina. Manuela’s mother started a succesful actual estate commercial enterprise, and everything appeared to be going properly till 1999, while their proper identities have been found.

El Tiempo, a Colombian information website, published an article about Manuela, and found out that she changed into dwelling in Buenos Aires below the assumed call of Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.

At the time of her mom and brother’s arrests she turned into dwelling in a humble residential building named Jaramillo, and had her personal apartment. Manuela’s mom and brother have been arrested and accused of forging public documents, illicit association, and money laundering.

Until her father’s demise, Manuela had been homeschooled via non-public tutors. However, once in Argentina, she attended public faculty, completed her training, and continued to study for a public relations diploma.

Manuela Escobar’s Private Life It is unknown if Manuela Escobar has ever been married or in a dating, however we do realize that she doesn’t have any youngsters. According to her brother, she’s struggled with extreme depression considering the fact that 1999, and has even tried to take her life.

As of 2020, Manuela lives together with her brother and his spouse, who help her deal with her intermittent depressive episodes. It’s rumoured that she relocated to North Carolina, USA, and is currently running as an electrical engineer, whilst maintaning a low profile.

According to Sebastian, she lives in worry of her identity being found, and of being associated to her father’s crook beyond, so it’s far not likely that she might move faraway from her own family.

Manuela Escobar’s Family As of nowadays, the Escobar circle of relatives is primarily unknown, as Pablo tried to keep them out of the spotlight when he became alive.

Sebastian Marroquin, born Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, is the maximum outspoken member of the Escobar clan. In 2009 he starred within the Argentinian documentary-movie ‘Sins of my Father‘, directed by way of Nicolas Entel, wherein he travelled to Colombia and met with the sons of Luis Carlos Galan and Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, of his father’s murder victims, and asked them for forgiveness. He also posted a ebook in 2014 entitled ‘Pablo Escobar: My Father’, and has given numerous interviews during the years.

Manuela’s mother Victoria Eugenia Henao, who now is going by means of the name of Maria Isabel Santos, is lively on social media, and counts with over 200,000 fans on Instagram. Her profile names her as a creator, public speaker and ontological education specialist.

Victoria in particular makes use of this account to upload antique own family photos of Pablo and her children, and she or he additionally has her very own internet site on which she sells her books and communicates to her fanbase.

Roberto Escobar Gavira, Pablo’s elder brother, is thought for being the head accountant of the Medellin (drug) Cartel. Nicknamed ‘El Osito’, he changed into born in 1947. He posted a ebook in 2009 entitled ‘The Accountant’s Story’, concerning the component he played in his brother’s cartel.

Damon Stapleton: Advertising. Yes, however what approximately Pablo Escobar’s… Posted with the aid of Campaign Brief on Sunday, April 14, 2019 The e-book includes exciting trivia which include, ‘…Pablo turned into earning a lot that every year we might write off 10% of the cash because the rats could eat it in storage, or it would be broken through water, or misplaced.’

Manuela Escobar’s Net Worth Upon Pablo’s death, his circle of relatives turned into worth an estimated $30 billion bucks, but, Colombian government seized most of it. Some resources say that Manuela is well worth as an awful lot as $7 million greenbacks, and others recommend a smaller discern of $three hundred,000. Her mother is said to be worth round $500,000, thanks to her book sales and conference speakme, and her brother is expected to have an outstanding net worth of $30 million.

We do realize that the Escobar own family continues to make money from the rights to Pablo Escobar’s name and picture. In 2010 they based the clothing line ‘Escobar Henao‘, which sells Pablo Escobar-related apparel, inclusive of shirts bearing his mugshot.

The garb line, although now not sold in Colombia out of recognize for his or her father’s sufferers, is popular in the Mexican town of Culiacan. Thanks to the fulfillment of the Escobar Henao apparel line, and the cash Manuela earns every 12 months from using her father’s image, we are able to agree that she is well worth round $7 million.

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