Maren Morris Performs ‘Wicked’ Duet with Kristin Chenoweth on Tour: ‘Never Getting Over This’

Maren Morris is diverting her internal Elphaba! The down home music star, 32, was joined by Broadway symbol Kristin Chenoweth during a visit stop at the Bridgestone Field in Nashville on Friday, when the pair played out a two part harmony of Devilish’s “For Good.” “Never moving past this,” Morris subtitled an Instagram video of their energetic set.

In the clasp, which the two of them shared to their separate Instagram pages after the show, Morris sings Elphaba’s part, while Chenoweth, 54, obviously, sings that of Glinda, the Great Witch of the South — a job she began when Devilish first debuted on Broadway.

Chenoweth should be visible wearing white in front of an audience, while Morris wore a shimmering dark dress during their two part harmony.

Toward the finish of the video, the two common a healthy embrace to booming audience commendation.

“There are a few minutes you will always remember,” Chenoweth wrote in her subtitle. “This is one of them. Swallow. I love you, @marenmorris .”

Morris’ two part harmony with Chenoweth came about months after the nation star communicated her fantasies about featuring as Elphaba in Broadway’s Devilish.

Morris tweeted that she planned to send in a tryout tape for the melodic in May. At the point when a fan inquired as to whether she would try out for Glinda or Elphaba, Morris answered, “I distinguish profoundly as an Elphaba yet Lord almighty her tunes are high.” Then, in August, Morris uncovered that she got a callback for the hit melodic.

“I got a callback for Underhanded. I’m in tears. What in blazes,” the Grammy Grant champ tweeted close by a crying face emoticon and a green heart.

At that point, Chenoweth added a few uplifting statements, tweeting to Morris, “You go child!! Told ya you could make it happen!!! Xoxooxo.”

On Instagram, Morris likewise let fans know how she felt in the wake of learning she got the callback.

“You all, I in a real sense couldn’t care less — yes I do! — assuming I go past this callback since this is 14-year-old Maren getting to accomplish something never in reach,” she said.

“It simply never felt conceivable,” Morris added. “So thank you for being on this excursion with me. We’ll see where it goes. I’m super blissful. I love Evil! I love Elphaba!

I love Kristin Chenoweth — thank you Kristin, for rousing me to buck up and simply send a self-tape in. I don’t have the foggiest idea what to say.”

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