Medapati Vijay Krishna’s Ganaa Fails to Rise Above Mediocrity and Cliches

Telugu movie Ganaa hit the theatres on March 17.

The story starts with the portrayal of the port of Vizag as the centre of the drug mafia with a corrupt minister in charge of the area.

The concept of drug trafficking has certainly been overdone in Indian cinema. For years, it served as the narrative for various stories. The recently-released Telugu movie Ganaa also deals with the same topic. The film, which hit the theatres on March 17, is serving old wine in not a new but an old bottle. Actor Medapati Vijay Krishna has taken on multiple responsibilities for the project. He has penned the story, donned the director’s hat as well as played the main protagonist in the film.

The story starts with the portrayal of the port of Vizag as the center of the drug mafia, with a corrupt minister in charge of the area. We are then introduced to Ganaa, played by Vijay Krishna, who is a foot soldier in the organised crime syndicate. Ganaa is a man without a conscience and does not hesitate to take lives on orders from the frontrunners of the business. When he is contracted to kill the father of the very woman he loves, the story takes a different turn.

The film has shown the nexus between political leaders and drug mafia well. Shot extensively around the coast of Kakinada, port activities have been captured quite nicely and the visuals of the ports are commendable. The scenes shot around Yanam look very natural. Vijay Krishna has also attempted to capture the essence of the port and show how so many livelihoods depend on it.

Vijay Krishna shines in the role of Ganaa, but the character could have been better sketched out. Ganaa never really comes out as a character you would empathise with due to the constant change in tone; and except for a few emotional scenes before the interval; you do not really feel for the protagonist.

In the second half, the director has made sure that there are more elevations but it still fails to rise above familiar cliches. There is hardly anything you have not seen in cinema before. The engaging background score manages to raise the film a bit above its level of mediocrity, but the songs are a letdown and interrupt the pacing of the story.

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