North Carolina Woman Welcomes Daughter and Wins Lottery on the Same Day: ‘She Brought Me My Luck’

This North Carolina lady had a great deal to celebrate the month before!

Brenda Gomez Hernandez, 28, was at that point having a memorable day on Nov. 9 when she invited a child young lady, as per the North Carolina Schooling Lottery.

Then, at that point, only hours after the fact, she learned she was the champ of a $100,000 prize.

“At the point when I figured out I cried,” Hernandez, who functions as a servant, told lottery authorities. “I’m simply so energized and blissful.”

Hernandez, who got her Fast Pick ticket for $3, won $50,000 in the drawing subsequent to matching numbers on four balls and the Powerball, as per lottery authorities.

Then, the award multiplied thanks to the 2X Strategic maneuver multiplier.

Concerning her fortunate numbers, the Accord mother shifted focus over to two big cheeses in her day to day existence for motivation: her children.

“I have two children and I utilized their birthday celebrations to pick my numbers,” she shared.

In any case, right then and there, she says she accepts her child young lady likewise played a part in her favorable luck.

“I feel like she presented to me my karma,” she told lottery authorities. “I’m so appreciative.”

Hernandez guaranteed her award on Wednesday and says an enormous part of the rewards will go towards paying for her home.

After charges, lottery authorities say she brought back home $65,015.

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