Old Video Of Man Sliding With Bags At Luggage Scanner Goes Viral

The post has amassed 15 million views, 1.2 lakh likes and over 15,000 retweets.

It’s not always easy to navigate what to do and what not to at the airport- especially if you are travelling alone for the first time. We are scared, terrified and feel dominated by our surroundings. And we might also end up doing some embarrassing things. In one such incident, an old video of a man at an airport for the first time has now gone viral on the internet. The video has invited a lot of attention from the users because of an antic by this passenger.

The video was shared by Tansu Yegen on Twitter. In the video, a man is seen roaming around the security checkpoint of the airport. He looks confused and then goes behind the luggage scanner to place his luggage. What happens next surprises many users. He puts himself on one end of the conveyor belt and comes out of the other end. An official at the airport observes him exiting and immediately begins directing him on what to do. The footage was captured by CCTV. 

Sharing the post, Mr Yegen wrote, “His first time at an airport” along with a facepalm emoji. The post has amassed 15 million views, 1.2 lakh likes and over 15,000 retweets. 

One user said, “I can relate. My first time at the airport was absolutely awful. Beyond confusing and people are not very friendly at the airport.”

“Poor guy I think human innocence is beautiful tho haha he just genuinely didn’t know – that’s alright but that airport is clearly understaffed cause how does this happen? There’s supposed to be guidance can’t even blame him,” said another user.

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A third person said, “Mr Bean cousin.”

Another person commented, “This man lived the dream.”

“Good chuckles tonight!” remarked another person. 

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