Phil Collins’ Son Nic Says ‘Genesis Fans’ Will ‘Enjoy’ His Band Better Strangers’ New Song ‘Raincheck’

Nic Collins, child of the unbelievable Phil Collins, is asserting his own spot in the stone scene through his band Better Outsiders’ most recent single “Postponement.”

On Friday, the band — which highlights Nic on drums as well as singer deCasa, guitarist Joey Rodriguez and bassist Yang — delivered the rambunctious track’s music video, which debuts solely on Individuals. Considering the new delivery, Better Outsiders is getting serious about their melodic excursion and how visiting with Beginning unintentionally affected “IOU.”

“It’s a thrilling time for me artistically as I’m truly finding my balance and finding my identity as a drummer, performer, and musician,” Nic, 21, tells Individuals in a proclamation.

“It’s difficult to disregard the impact that visiting with Beginning had on me on a melodic and individual level.” He proceeded, “It’s certainly unique to what my father was composing once upon a time, notwithstanding, I most certainly believe there’s a couple of moderate treats that Beginning fans can appreciate. This track truly acquaints everybody similarly as with what sort of drummer I’m.” “IOU” marks Better Outsiders’ third single since its presentation recently with “Yet I Don’t Have a clue about Your Name.”

“‘IOU’ is a significant delivery for us, as the primary tune truly shows our more moderate side,” the band says in an explanation.

“It’s a little look into what our audience can anticipate from us pushing ahead.” The assertion proceeds, “‘IOU’ is additionally the main tune that we delivered, blended, designed, and recorded all ourselves. It generally goes down all around well when we play it live, so we’re eager to at last have it out there.”

Shot with a GoPro Max camera, the “IOU” music video sees the band visit an especially wistful area — their number one old neighborhood show setting.

“After the ‘Nicotine Dreams’ music video where we recounted a story, we needed to adopt an alternate strategy for ‘IOU’ and exhibit our live energy as a band,” composes Better Outsiders.

“It was additionally taken shots at our number one old neighborhood scene, Gramps, in a similar room where Yang, Joey, and I [Nic] played our most memorable genuine show together back in 2015. We’re wearing foil too to keep with the subject of the cover craftsmanship for this delivery.”

Recently, Nic further utilized his live execution muscles when he stepped in to play the drums instead of his father during Beginning’s The Last Domino? visit — which enveloped by May — because of Phil’s medical problems. “I’d very much want to [play drums] yet you know, I mean, I can scarcely hold a stick with this hand,” Phil told BBC Breakfast in September 2021.

“So there are sure actual things that disrupt everything. I ‘m somewhat truly tested a piece which is exceptionally disappointing in light of the fact that I’d very much want to hype there with my child.” “IOU” and its music video are out at this point.

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