Post-Christmas Weight Loss – 7 Diet Tips To Detox Your Body

As we bring down the fairy lights and put away the beautifully-decorated Christmas tree, it’s also time to bid adieu to all our guilt-ridden indulgences. It’s normal to see our weighing scale tipping to the higher side right after the festive season. But there are some incredible ways to bring it back by following a healthy diet routine once again. We are helping you out with our tried and tested diet tips that are effective to lose the holiday weight and detox your body and mind. Get started with them as soon as possible to get back in shape for New Year’s Eve.  

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Here’re 7 Tips To Lose Weight After Christmas Celebrations: 

1. Put That Glass Of Hot Chocolate Away 

Hot chocolate calls out to us all the time in winter. The velvety, chocolatey drink is one of the best things to have in this season, agreed. But what about the sudden weight gain that has started bothering you? Stay away from hot chocolate and warm up your body with drinks like green tea, spice-infused water and other detox drinks that are warming too. Click here for some of these recipes. 

Green tea is an excellent detox and weight loss drink. 

2. Give Alcohol A Break 

We celebrated Christmas in high spirits with some heady spirits, and are probably still reeling under its effect. It’s only wise to give up calorie-laden alcohol for some time before we open another bottle to bring in the new year.  

3. Tame Your Sweet Tooth 

Our sweet tooth is so used to all those cakes, cookies, muffins and other decadent sweet treats we had in past days leading to Christmas. While we never can have enough of all of it, it’s time to give it a break. Swap these sweets with healthier jaggery, dates, honey and sweet fruits like bananas. Pro tip: Make healthier sweets with these natural sweeteners. Try these recipes.  

4. Sip On Warm Water 

A slightly warm water gives our throat and body instant relief from the biting cold that we are experiencing right now. What’s more? Warm water also helps improve digestion and rev up our metabolism. So fill up your thermos bottle and sip on warm water all day long.  

5. Avoid Carbs At Night 

Avoiding carb-rich foods at night really helps with weight loss; ask any health expert. Since our digestive system runs slow towards the end of the day, it makes sense to go easy on dinner and have lots of protein and other nutrients to fill up the tummy. Here are some low-carb meals you can have for dinner.

6. Nuts For the Rescue 

All those festive outings and get-togethers tuckered you out? Replenish your body with energy through nuts like almonds and walnuts, and throw in some seeds too. These foods also keep your stomach sated for a long time. But remember to have only a handful of nuts and seeds in a day to achieve weight loss.  

7. Enjoy Fresh Winter Produce 

Seasonal foods offer more potent nutrients than other foods. So, stock up your pantry with low-calorie veggies like spinach, mustard greens, beetroot and fenugreek leaves. And, for your sweet tooth, there are strawberries, oranges, guavas and more winter-special fruits. 

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Don’t let your weight loss goals stray too far.  With these tips, get back on your journey to a healthier body.  

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