Rakesh Mishra’s New Bhojpuri Song Bahubali is a Hit Among the Masses

In the video, Rakesh can be seen in a back-and-forth romance with actress-model Neet Mahal.

Rakesh Mishra’s recent song Bahubali’s music video garnered over 37 lakh views.

Rakesh Mishra is one of the leading singers of the Bhojpuri music industry. His recognition comes from the huge number of views he gets on his videos on social media platforms. He has also made sure to give his sets and costumes a modern touch to appeal to the new age fans. His most recent song Bahubali’s music video was released on March 15. Within three days, it has gathered over 37 lakh views.

In the video, Rakesh can be seen in a back-and-forth romance with actress-model Neet Mahal, who plays his love interest in the video. Stylish backgrounds and fashionable outfits make the song’s look pleasing. Rakesh makes sure he makes a mark on the audience by showcasing a proper gangster’s vibe through his look, with a scar on his face and a gun in his hand. Neet seems to remain unphased that Rakesh is a gangster and doesn’t fear him.

Rakesh has voiced himself, while Neet Mahal’s vocals have been given by Shilpi Raj, who is another leading name in the Bhojpuri music industry.

He releases songs with music companies like T-series, but also has his own channel where he releases his independent music. His most recent indie song was Top Ke Odhaniya Se, which has garnered over 22 thousand views.


Rakesh’s most viewed music video is the song Ae Raja Jaai Na Bahariya. The song came out in 2021 and it has over 50 crore views on YouTube. It is also one of the most-viewed Bhojpuri songs to have ever been released.

Bahubali’s lyrics were written by Prakash Barud and the music was given by Sarvind Malhar. The choreography of the dance is done by Montu Sharma. People in the comments showered their love for the singer.

One user wrote, “Rakesh Mishra Is Not Just A History Breaker, He Is Also A History Creator.” Another user commented, “Perfect song… I love the lyrics of this song as it’s not repetitive and can be understood easily. Expecting more Bhojpuri songs like this in future.”

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