Rosario Dawson Says Her Parents ‘Grew Weed on Our Fire Escape’ When She Was a Kid in N.Y.C.

Rosario Dawson is getting serious about her own relationship with marijuana. During a board Wednesday on normalizing pot at the Cann x Jane “Cann-Do Occasion” crusade debut party at NeueHouse Hollywood, the entertainer and Cann board part, 43, uncovered that her folks “developed weed on our emergency exit” when she was a youngster.

“I don’t know man, I experienced childhood in New York and my mother could come to PTA gatherings wearing her weed leaf nose ring and I’d be like, ‘Can you simply not? Because every one of the children believe it’s a goober and every one of the guardians are giving you the side-eye,’ ” Dawson described.

The board was directed by The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz and furthermore highlighted “Cann-Do Occasion” author/chief Lake Chime, Cannaclusive fellow benefactor Mary Pryor, I Heart Jane President Socrates Rosenfeld, and Cann prime supporter Luke Anderson. The conversation dove into the racial differences of the marijuana business also.

“My father’s white, my father who raised me, and he would smoke carelessly,” she proceeded. “And afterward simultaneously, I had companions who were selling or companions who might be smoking….” “I saw a companion who was cutting into the concrete in the floor and a cop got him promptly for destroying the concrete. Furthermore, the frenzy that set on us,” Dawson said.

“Since we realized our companion had weed in his rucksack and he was Dark. Also, the other one who was getting found out and irritated by the police about marking was white, and it was really quiet. I was very much like, ‘We will move out of here.’ ” Dawson noticed that she figured out how to assist her Dark companion with getting out of the circumstance while her white companion pulled off a “token punishment.” “Furthermore, we knew beyond all doubt that won’t be the most ideal case for us,” she added.

The Josie and the Pussycats entertainer additionally commended the health advantages of weed after her dad was determined to have disease.

“At the point when my father got pancreatic disease, he had the option to chat with his PCP — on the grounds that he was here in California — about restorative maryjane, and it prevented him from involving five unique pills for sickness and agony and hunger and dozing that he in any case would’ve been taking,” Dawson said.

In “Cann-Do Occasion,” the occasional merriments with family are saved with the assistance of Cann’s THC and CBD-mixed tonic.

Composed and coordinated by Chime, the mission additionally stars Meg Stalter, Benito Skinner, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Lauren Wasser, Bre-Z and Raja.

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