‘Selling the OC’ Star Alex Hall Says Costar Kayla Cardona Needs a ‘Reality Check and Maybe a Psychiatrist’

Alex Lobby has continued on from her companionship with costar Kayla Cardona.

As fans saw in season 1 of Netflix’s Selling Nightfall side project Selling the OC, the two started as companions and collaborators and, surprisingly, worked together on an undertaking. In any case, relational show — particularly an occurrence when Cardona purportedly endeavored to kiss their then-hitched co-star Tyler Stanaland during an after-work outing — stressed the relationship.

While addressing Individuals as of late about her organization with Keurig, Lobby, 33, shared the ongoing status of her relationship with Cardona and her thought process is next for the pair.

“I don’t have a relationship with Kayla. Nor do I wish to have a relationship with Kayla,” Lobby said, adding, “I would prefer not to be her colleague, yet you can’t pick those.” In a meeting with ET in August, Lobby guaranteed that Cardona had purportedly “attempted to engage in sexual relations” with Stanaland on “various events” with the eventual result of making him “awkward.”

Cardona, 33, tended to the claims during a meeting with Page Six in September, telling the power source “All I can truly tell you is that it’s false. It is basically obviously false. Every last bit of it.”

She proceeded, “It only sort of went through one ear and out the other, to be completely forthright with you. I simply have little to no faith in anything that emerges from her mouth.”

The principal time of Selling the OC likewise saw Corridor being blamed for acting improperly with Stanaland by a few cast individuals, including Cardona after Lobby was seen snuggling with him during a gathering outing on the ocean front. Examining the show with Individuals, Lobby said she thinks Cardona needs a “rude awakening and perhaps a specialist.”

“[What] a chosen handful of us witnessed firsthand on various occasions isn’t what the watchers saw,” Corridor says of her and Cardona’s communications with Stanaland.

“So well, without a doubt that my activities, my responses were legitimate and by no means whatsoever, contrast with the ways of behaving that her and my companion Tyler have experienced.”

Stanaland has since isolated from his significant other, On point entertainer Brittany Snow.

Inquired as to whether she would have done anything another way having seen the show, she told Individuals, “I don’t actually contemplate that. I don’t carry on with my life that way.

I could do without to live before. There may be things that I will do another way pushing ahead. I don’t believe that there was anything I would do another way however in shooting season one.”

“I’m who I am and I have a very polarizing character and I’m not a great fit for everyone. I’ve been like that the majority of my life,” Lobby proceeded.

“I’m really hard to it as of now. I have a very solid groundwork. I know who I am as it will take much more than certain individuals making suppositions about me to change that.”

Corridor says she is thankful for the amazing chance to be on the show sharing it has “opened such countless entryways” for her incorporating her most recent coordinated effort with Keurig.

During this Christmas season, Lobby has collaborated with the brand to co-foster her own elite recipe with the organization including a Salted Caramel Martini Recipe which is one of the beverages that can be blended with the shiny new’s item, K-Bistro Shrewd.

“I’ll do a coffee martini anytime, yet this caramel martini ridiculously hit the nail on the head,” she says. “I was making it on Thanksgiving for everyone. it’s simply a ridiculously sumptuous beverage to serve rather than lager or wine. I’m dependably one to attempt to exceed all expectations and beyond ludicrous.”

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