Shauna Rae Has a New Love Interest — Who Proposes a Life-Changing Decision — in Midseason Teaser

Another sentiment might be preparing in the final part of I’m Shauna Rae season 2.

In the attention series’ middle of the season mystery, shared solely with Individuals, Shauna Rae’s web-based love interest, Dan, will at long last meet her and her family face to face.

“Dan is visiting the area a long time, so we will utilize this opportunity to get to know one another,” Shauna tells cameras.

In another confession booth, that’s what she affirms “Dan and I have kissed,” adding, “I’ll just put that out there.”

He later addresses cameras about what makes Shauna extraordinary. “I see Shauna as this extraordinary 23-year-elderly person who incidentally turns out to be somewhat short,” Dan says.

Shauna then subtleties the pair’s arrangements to go — perhaps even to Europe, where Dan is from. “Dan needs to go with me in the following two or three months,” she tells cameras.

While driving in the vehicle together, Dan says, “There’s different places more energizing than Long Island however will return to see you.

We could continue to investigate Long Island or you could go along with me and we could investigate elsewhere. I believe Europe’s a pleasant initial step.”

Later in the trailer, there might be a few off-kilter minutes among Dan and a man Shauna recently dated this season: Tom.

As her family has a foundation occasion, Shauna’s two old flames wind up in a similar room — and it may not go without a hitch.

“I let Dan in on that I’d gone out on the town with Tommy,” Shauna says. “It’s not my shortcoming assuming they have an issue.” It’s as yet unclear in the event that Shauna and Dan’s adoration will burn out, or keep on developing. Nonetheless, love isn’t the main thing at the forefront of Shauna’s thoughts in the middle of the season trailer.

She’s likewise figuring out how to drive and live all alone. As she moves into her vehicle, her mom sits in the front seat and says, “I’m restless, energized, terrified to be driving with Shauna.”

There’s a close impact as Shauna pulls from the control and another vehicle is cruising by.

Shauna likewise has a frock gathering, where the truth star tells cameras, “I think the solution for any party is more shots.”

To wrap everything up, Shauna will be moving out of her family home to a condo in New York City. She’s thinking about it a “preliminary attempt” to check whether living alone truly suits her.

“It’s a decent opportunity to check my ease,” Shauna says. She’ll likewise keep on discussing her future — from living alone and heading off to college, to potentially venturing to the far corners of the planet with Dan. “Up next for me is a ton of significant choices and they will influence my life radically,” she says. I’m Shauna Rae debuted on attention in January 2022.

The series follows Shauna, a 23-year-old with pituitary dwarfism, and the difficulties of living with the condition that left her remaining at under 4 feet tall.

Episodes of I’m Shauna Rae season 2 air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on tender loving care.

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