Shauna Rae’s Family Praises Her Crush Dan for Potential to ‘Pull Her Out of Her Comfort Zone’

Shauna Rae’s most recent old flame has a gold star — basically from her stepdad Mark.

In Individuals’ selective sneak look at Monday night’s I Am Shauna Rae, Shauna brings current love interest Dan home.

The family has heaps of inquiries for him — however toward the finish, all things considered, they’re had with an extraordinary impression of his qualities and enthusiasm for movement.

The clasp opens with Dan and Shauna, 23, making sushi. “We’ve just a tad and he’s really visited once previously.

In any case, this is whenever we’ll first be hanging out this long and this will likewise be the initial time he’s gathering my mother,” Shauna partakes in a meeting.

As Dan encourages Shauna on the most proficient method to cut the sushi rolls, her mom is prepared to pepper Dan with questions.

She opens with, “In this way, how frequently do you all discussion?” The response is consistently — yet neither Shauna nor Dan is tingling to put a name on their relationship presently.

“It is whatever happens works out,” Shauna tells her mother. Shauna’s stepdad has further inquiries regarding the future for movement adoring Dan, inquiring, “Do you think eventually you could settle down and base yourself in one spot?” Dan answers, “We’ll see. I think voyaging will constantly be a big piece of my life. I’ll constantly be heading off to some place.”

Her mother contributes, “Is the assumption [Shauna] travel with you?”Dan replies, “One thing I’d very much want to gift to Shauna is the capacity to see the world, different culture, better places.”

For Shauna’s folks — who don’t precisely see their girl as a limit pusher — that is extraordinary information. “I figure Dan would be a great counterpart for Shauna in light of the fact that he’s actual shrewd, gutsy,” Mark says. “Shauna’s savvy, yet all the same not extremely bold. I believe that he can haul her out of that safe place, yet at the same time encourage her.”

Shauna Rae was determined to have mind disease as a kid. While she had the option to beat the sickness, her pituitary organ was impacted and it halted her development at a level of 3’10”.

I’m Shauna Rae airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on tender loving care.

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