Sunny Leone Opens Up About Cannes Debut: ‘Unbelievable And So Exciting’

Sunny Leone at the Cannes red carpet.

Anurag Kashyap’s Kennedy, starring Sunny Leone and Rahut Bhat, received a standing ovation at its Cannes premiere.

Sunny Leone was having “severe anxiety” before her Cannes debut but oh boy, did she nail the red carpet look for the world premiere of her film Kennedy like a pro. The actress, in an interview with Hindustan Times, talked about the “proudest moment” of her life, her role in the film and how she transformed into Charlie for Kennedy. The 76th Cannes Film Festival selected Sunny Leone and Rahut Bhat’s film for the Midnight Screening. For the actress, the honour of the film being screened at such a prestigious event is an “unbelievable” and “exciting” experience. When asked if she ever thought she would, one day, represent her work at Cannes, the actress said, “Absolutely not. Not even one percent. I’ve had some crazy ups and downs in my life, but Anurag Sir picking up the phone and telling me I’ll be good as Charlie changed everything. Just that phone call made me so happy.”

Sunny Leone mentioned that after the call from the director, she was confident about delivering her dialogues flawlessly. But at the same time, nervousness crawled in as she had not given an audition in a long time. It made the actress sceptical about whether they would like her in the role or not. However, she recalled as people started seeing the few edits of the film, many people, who had never spoken to her before, lauded her for her acting in Kennedy. Sunny added, “Even if nothing else comes out of this festival, he (Anurag Kashyap) has provided me with so much love, care, and respect that I’m forever thankful for it.”

During the interview, Sunny Leone also revealed how she prepared for her role as Charlie: “Anurag Sir wanted me to have this particular laugh. I think we all know people who hide behind their laugh and smile. Who makes you feel like everything is fine whereas they are breaking inside. I can relate to this. I understood her character. After everything that has happened to me in the last 10 years, the judgments and comments… people see me from and think I’m super confident, someone who is not insecure, who doesn’t feel bad about trolls but they forget I’m human too and these things do affect you.”

Sunny Leone said her journey so far has not been easy, but she has managed to make a name for herself with a lot of hard work and resilience. The actress hopes that she will get to work on more films in the future.

In addition to Sunny Leone, Kennedy also stars Megha Burman, Benedict Garrett, and Pramod Sanghi.

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