Swara Bhasker Introduces Her ‘Sautan’ In A Hilarious Post; See Here

Swara Bhasker tied the knot with Fahad Ahmad in February. (Credits : Instagram)

Swara Bhasker penned a birthday note for her husband Fahad Ahmad’s close friend and called him her ‘best sautan.’

Swara Bhasker who recently got married to politician Fahad Ahmad took to her social media handle to introduce her ‘sautan’. No, it’s not what you think! Swara Bhasker lovingly referred to their close friend Arish Qamar as her husband’s ‘original spouse’ in a birthday post. The picture featured the trio, consisting of Swara, her husband Fahad Ahmad, and their friend Arish, radiated joy and camaraderie in the snapshots. The heartwarming post highlighted their strong bond and unbreakable friendship.

“Happy happy birthday to our friend, comrade & Fahad’s original spouse, Arish Qamar. Thank you for always having our back & being there from the very beginning, for making sure our court papers were submitted in time, for being our witness & for being the best ‘sautan’ ever!” Swara Bhasker wrote.

Fahad Ahmad and Swara Bhasker exchanged vows in February. Swara joyfully shared the news of their wedding with her fans through a heartwarming Twitter post. Alongside a captivating caption, she revealed, “Sometimes, you search far & wide for something that was right next to you all along. We were looking for love, but we found friendship first. And then we found each other! Welcome to my heart, Fahad Ahmad. It’s a beautiful chaos, and it’s all yours!” Swara’s announcement filled the hearts of her followers with happiness, and the couple’s bond continues to be a source of inspiration for many.

March became a month of splendour as Fahad Ahmad and Swara Bhasker celebrated their wedding with friends and family members. The couple indulged in a series of extravagant ceremonies, including a mehendi ceremony, a captivating sangeet, and a soul-stirring qawwali night. To mark their union, splendid receptions were hosted in both Delhi and Mumbai. The star-studded affair saw the convergence of renowned celebrities, esteemed politicians, and prominent personalities, who graced the occasion and heightened its glamour. The wedding festivities became a captivating spectacle, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attended, and creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Work-wise, Swara Bhasker continues to captivate audiences with her remarkable talent. After her last appearance in the 2022 film Mimamsa, she now sets her sights on her next venture, Mrs. Falani. This upcoming project promises to be a testament to Swara’s versatility, as she fearlessly takes on the challenge of portraying nine distinct characters. The film is directed by the talented duo Manish Kishore and Madhukar Varma. The makers are yet to announce the release date.

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