Tried Chana Saag Yet? Make This Punjabi-Style Delicious Saag Recipe Before Winter Ends

Winter produce brims with fresh greens and that’s one of the best things about this season. Whether it is aloo methi, bathua paratha or sarson ka saag, these green leafy vegetables warm up our soul and heart in this chilly weather. Sarsona ka saag is obviously the highlight of the winter diet. This Punjabi dish … Read more

Chana Dal Vada, Gobhi Dal Vada And More: 5 Quick And Easy Dal Vadas You Must Try

Vada, also known as vadai, is a popular savoury fried snack native to South India. Crispy, flavourful, and deep-fried, vadas are the epitome of all things delicious! They are usually made with a combination of lentils, flour, vegetables and a host of masalas. This crunchy snack has a variety of recipes and preparation methods and … Read more

How To Make Hara Chana Kebab – A Protein-Rich Snack You Must Try

Indians and their love affair with tea is no secret to the world. We can’t picture a day without this beloved beverage, whether it’s in the morning to get the day going or in the evening to unwind. Tea is best enjoyed with a plateful of crispy, deep-fried snacks like vada pav, samosa, bread pakoda, … Read more

How To Make Low-Calorie Green Chana Chaat For Quick Weight Loss

Self-starvation is not necessary for weight loss. To attain your fitness goals, you just need to change your lifestyle and diet. Replace high-fat foods with nutritious, low-calorie items to speed up your weight loss process. One such ingredient that is perfect for a dieter’s diet is green chickpeas, also known as ‘hara chana’ or ‘chholia’ … Read more

From Popcorn To Roasted Chana, Here Are 8 Weight Loss Friendly Winter Snacks

From Popcorn To Roasted Chana, Here Are 8 Weight Loss Friendly Winter Snacks

Homemade hot chocolate is actually a healthy winter snack It can be appealing to reach for savory, filling¬†foods as the weather gets chilly. We may desire to sleep all season long and graze on comfort foods due to the colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours. Furthermore, it can be challenging to get motivated to¬†workout when … Read more

Watch: Heres A High-Protein Snack That Is Perfect For Winter – Try Hara Chana Oats Tikki Recipe

Most of us associate snacking with unhealthy, mostly fried foods. But it doesn’t always have to be the case. While there is no doubt that samosa, pakoda, kebabs and chaats will always rule our snacking platter, one can always find a way to make them healthier. Tikki, for instance, is made with starch-rich potatoes and … Read more