“Drink Milk…”: BJP’s Uma Bharti Ties Stray Cows In Front Of Liquor Shops

In March last year, Uma Bharti threw a stone at a liquor shop in Bhopal. (File) Orchha: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Uma Bharti on Thursday tied stray cows in front of a liquor shop in Orchha town of Madhya Pradesh and fed them hay as she called upon people to drink cow milk … Read more

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Korean Blogger Travels To India To Enjoy This Desi Drink, Video Goes Viral

Korean Blogger Travels To India To Enjoy This Desi Drink, Video Goes Viral

Indian food is being appreciated by foodies all across the globe. There are so many Indian delicacies that are making their way to the global palate, and finally getting the due credit and recognition they deserve. When it comes to drinks too, India has plenty of variety. From a frothy chaas to a refreshing kokum … Read more

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Air India has reviewed and tweaked its alcohol policy. New Delhi: Air India crew have received a refresher on how to tactfully refuse alcohol to passengers if they seem to be at risk of behaving inappropriately as the airline recoups after a slew of embarrassing incidents that have triggered fines and public anger. Here is … Read more

“Don’t Be Persuaded To Give ‘One Last Drink'”: New Air India Alcohol Rules

Air India has also issued a set of ‘do’s and don’ts’ of service refusal. (Representational) New Delhi: Amid recent incidents of unruly passenger behaviour, Air India has modified its in-flight alcohol service policy wherein cabin crew have been told to tactfully refuse further serving of alcohol if needed. The Tata group-owned airline has been slapped … Read more

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