“Tie Them To Trees If…”: BJP Leader’s Attack On Trinamool Panchayat Members


Senior BJP leader Dilip Ghosh on Sunday asked his party supporters to tie TMC panchayat members to trees if they fail to give the account of money given to them for development.

Speaking at a party meeting in Purba Bardhaman’s Shaktigarh, Ghosh alleged that TMC leaders “looted” public money over the last five years, maintaining that they should know people will avenge their misdeeds in the upcoming rural polls.

“In the last panchayat election, TMC did not allow us to file nominations. They won by looting votes. Now, facing public ire they have gone into hiding. Confront them seeking the details of expenses made by the panchayats,” he said.

“Don’t allow those who built palaces, gifted jewellery to their wife, daughter and friends with your money get away. Tie them to trees using your towels,” he added.

Hitting back, the TMC said that Ghosh was making such comments as he wanted to prove his worth within the BJP.

“He has been sidelined by other state leaders of the BJP. Also, BJP only knows the language of terror, muscle power, threat and physical assault. They have no respect for democratic traditions,” TMC Rajya Sabha MP Santanu Sen alleged.

He said TMC has zero tolerance towards corruption. “If any panchayat member of the TMC was found to be involved in any misdeed, action was ensured against him.”

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