Tom Brady Could Return to Patriots, NFL Insider Speculates, but Team Is Happy with QB Mac Jones

Regardless of tales that Tom Brady might be keen on a re-visitation of the New Britain Loyalists, the NFL group seems, by all accounts, to be remaining by their ongoing quarterback Macintosh Jones. On Wednesday, a report from Jeff Howe of The Athletic indicated Brady’s previous NFL group as a potential objective for the 45-year-old quarterback, who will enter free organization toward the finish of this season. “Perhaps clutch your telephone with two hands for this one — absolutely never discount the Loyalists,” Howe wrote in the report.

In any case, New Britain’s NFL group is supposedly “holding nothing back on Macintosh [Jones],” as per a meeting with ESPN’s Mike Reiss on the Zolak and Bertrand Web recording.

“Full obligation to Macintosh,” said Reiss, who has close connections to chiefs in the Loyalists association. “Like, no doubt about it.”

Reiss added that he “wouldn’t believe anything should at any point seem to be” if the Loyalists “were re-thinking that choice” to work with Jones.

Howe’s hypothesis that Brady might be plotting a re-visitation of his previous group stems generally from the NFL star’s relationship with Nationalists mentor Bill Belichick.

Reiss expressed, “Brady Bill Belichick actually have an overflow of regard for each other. They’ve made focuses to say it freely on various events since the QB left for Tampa.

They additionally burned through 23 minutes together in the meeting storage space at Gillette Arena following Brady’s return in 2021 — an arrangement they set up preceding the game.”

Brady presently can’t seem to address the tales, however the quarterback offered some knowledge into the eventual fate of his playing profession during Monday’s episode of Brady’s SiriusXM digital recording We should Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Dark.

Brady’s co-have Jim Dark inquired as to whether he’ll “basically be back the following year” and prodded the hotshot about getting to “the 18-game piece of that success streak.”

Brady giggled, “Truth be told, believe it or not. I’m on foundation of uncertainty at any rate, so.”

Brady let audience members know that while he “loves contending still,” his arrangements for the future are “everyday, game-to-game as of now.”

The seven-time Super Bowl winner said he’s “just centered around how we really want to work on this week and go out and rehearse.”

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