Tried Chana Saag Yet? Make This Punjabi-Style Delicious Saag Recipe Before Winter Ends

Winter produce brims with fresh greens and that’s one of the best things about this season. Whether it is aloo methi, bathua paratha or sarson ka saag, these green leafy vegetables warm up our soul and heart in this chilly weather. Sarsona ka saag is obviously the highlight of the winter diet. This Punjabi dish finds love all across the country. It is usually made with the mixture of sarsona, palak, bathua and more greens. Here is another saag recipe that is not too common like sarson ka saag but tastes just as good. Chana saag is another winter-special recipe that you must try while the season lasts. Plus it is healthy too.

Chana Saag Benefits:

Chana saag leaves are super rich is proteins. And this nutritious food brings in a host of vitamins, minerals and immunity-boosting antioxidants. It fills up the stomach and keeps the body warm to fight the cold.

There may be different ways to make chana saag but here we are going to see how Punjabi-style chana saag is made. It is easy to make and produces a rich, flavourful dish that you and your family are sure to love. Let’s check out the recipe.

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Chana saag is a wonderful recipe that you can easily make in winters. Photo: iStock

Chana Saag Recipe I How To Make Punjabi-Style Chana Saag:

First, make sure to wash the chana saag leaves properly to get rid of the dirt. Also wash some green moong dal well. Boil water in a pressure cooker and cook the dal. When done, add chana saag and cook it as well. Add a paste of green chillies, ginger and garlic. Also add some besan slurry. Top it with the tempering of onions and tomatoes, seasoned with whole red chillies and spice powder. Your chana saag is ready.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of chana saag.

Do try this delicious saag recipe this winter.

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