Viral Video: Foreign Influencer Tried Butter Chicken, Biryani And Samosa. Twitter Disapproves

There seems to be a new trend doing the rounds worldwide of trying new cuisines. Social media influencers and food bloggers seem to be propelling this trend by posting videos of their reactions after trying foods for the first time. It comes as no surprise that Indian food is on the radar of digital content creators. We have seen numerous videos of foreign nationals trying Indian foods for the first time, and appreciating it. And desis have always applauded their attempt. But one influencer’s attempt hit the wall as her reaction video did not go well with Indians online. 

A Twitter post re-shared a video of the influencer who tried some Indian foods for the first time and called it “a life-changing experience.” The viral video was posted on Twitter by user Wahlid Mohammad. The influencer is seen holding takeaway bowls of some popular Indian dishes from a restaurant. She first tries the much-loved meal of butter chicken with naan and finds it “so creamy” with a punch of lots of flavours.  

Then she moves on to the topmost Indian street snack – samosa. The influencer says, “Not sure what’s in the middle but it’s a little spicy.” Well, we agree and give it to her. However, the fact that it is spicy is what makes us love samosa even more. 

The influencer picked up a bowl of mutton biryani next. She praised the meat for being tender and flavourful. She also said, “Mutton biryani has a very foreign taste and I love it.” 

Even though she gave a positive review of her Indian meal tasting, she got flak from Indian Twitter users. Why? Well, she went wrong at a couple of places in the video. First, Twitter users noticed that she ate the butter chicken cold. Secondly, she described biryani as having a “very foreign taste.” 

With more than 2.5 M views, the viral video received a number of comments. Check out the reactions here. 

What do you think about this reaction video? Are you as offended as other Twitter users are? 

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