Viral Video Shows Conn. Mom Tossing a Raccoon After It Latches onto Her Daughter’s Leg: Watch!

A video that catches a mother acting quickly after a raccoon goes after her 5-year-old little girl outside their home has turned into a web sensation.

Logan Kelsey MacNamara of Ashford, Connecticut, posted a video of the occurrence shot by a reconnaissance camera Friday morning on her Facebook, which shows her little girl Rylee shouting after a raccoon locks onto her legs while she is remaining on their home’s entryway patio.

While trying to free the creature from her body, Rylee attempts to shake it off of her legs while shouting, before MacNamara hurries to the entryway and snatches the raccoon by the neck.

MacNamara then, at that point, tells Rylee to “head inside” the house, before she swings the raccoon towards their front nursery and rapidly runs into the family’s home and shuts the front entryway. The creature should be visible strolling to the side of the house in the wake of being tossed to the ground.

In the Facebook post, Logan made sense of she shared the video as mentioned by her little girl to “show everybody what the racoon [sic] did.” “We are made a beeline for get looked at for rabies following this unjustifiable racoon [sic] assault,” she proceeded, then adding of her young little girl: “I can’t see you how glad I am of this Daring young lady!!”

Raccoons are normal all through Connecticut, as per the state’s Branch of Energy and Natural Security (Profound). The association added that the presence of the creatures occurs because of the extension of the human populace nearby, which gives simple admittance to food sources including trash, gardens and bird feeders.

Geoff Krukar, an untamed life researcher for Profound, commended the mother’s activity in a proclamation to FOX 61.

He likewise asserted that the raccoon in the video seems, by all accounts, to be debilitated. “The mother acted in a manner that was extremely chivalrous.

I figure she did everything accurately by abstaining from getting spot and cautioning the neighbor to remain back and getting the youngster to somewhere safe and secure,” Krukar said.

“On the off chance that they see a raccoon that is acting strangely, that could be foaming at the mouth, chasing after them, getting in closeness, they ought to report that to the specialists.”

The power source likewise revealed that the raccoon has not yet been caught, refering to the Ashford Creature Control.

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