Watch: Little Girl Mistakes Bearded Man In Grocery Store For Santa, He Adorably Plays Along

A little girl was overjoyed when she came across ”Santa Claus”

For children, Santa Claus is a kindly old man with a white beard who comes at Christmas. He keeps a list of children who’s been naughty and nice and grants them their presents and wishes accordingly. Kids really look forward to meeting Santa Claus during the holiday season when he comes by to drop off their presents. One such little girl was overjoyed when she came across ”Santa Claus” while shopping with her family. An old video of their sweet interaction has resurfaced on social media, delighting internet users.

The clip starts with the little girl staring at the elderly man, who has a white beard and is wearing a red shirt. Because of his appearance, the little one named couldn’t stop looking at him as she was convinced he was Santa himself. The man then kneels down and asks her who she thinks he is.

When she replies, he is heard saying: “Santa? I’ve been called a lot worse.” The old man then sweetly plays along and then asks the girl if she’s been a good girl, and if she’s getting ready for Christmas. She then proudly shows him her hands to which he says, “Wow, haven’t you got pretty nails.” When she tells him she’s going to leave out some cookies for him, he asks: “Can I eat them all?” However, she adds that he has to share the cookies with Rudolph the reindeer and that Santa himself could only have one cookie. The conversation ends with Santa wishing the girl a Merry Christmas.

Watch the video here:

The internet loved the wholesome interaction and thanked the elderly man for playing along and making a little girl’s day.

The man identified as Roger Larck told WSAZ that he has been mistaken for Santa several times in the past by children. “A little well-placed ‘ho ho ho’ helps some parents,” Mr Larck said when discussing kids he might see while out shopping.

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