Watch: This Quick And Easy Kadhai Chicken Recipe Is Perfect For Weekend Indulgence

Weekend is here and so is the time for some indulgence. After a long, hectic week of work, we love unwinding over the weekend. While some enjoy going out with friends and family, some prefer keeping it low and simple. But what remains common in both the scenarios is food. Decadent food plays a major role in our weekend plans. And if you are like us, then you too enjoy preparing yummy meals at home for your loved ones. Speaking about weekend indulgences, one of the first items that comes to our mind is a chicken curry. Juicy pieces of chicken, coated with masalas and dunked in a spicy curry – the very idea spells wholesome. The best part is, you will find an extensive range of chicken curry recipes to choose from.

Here, we bring you the popular North Indian kadhai chicken recipe that is not only delicious, but can also be made in very less time. After all, no one wants to spend the whole weekend doing kitchen chores! Isn’t it? Speaking about the dish, it is a desi-style spicy chicken curry that is best enjoyed with roti, paratha or naan.

What Is The Difference Between Kadhai Chicken And Chicken Curry:

In India, chicken curries are usually gravy-based, which one can enjoy with rice. However, kadhai chicken is a bit drier and thicker in consistency (in comparison to other chicken curries). Unlike other chicken curries, where chicken is dunked in a spicy curry, here the spices stick onto the chicken, making it even tastier.

Why Is The Dish Called Kadhai Chicken:

The name kadhai chicken is derived from the name of the utensil used in the cooking process. Traditionally, kadhai chicken is made in a cast iron wok, which is called ‘kadhai’ in Hindi. However, you can also use a dutch oven to prepare the dish.

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Kadhai chicken is a delicious recipe that can easily be made at home. 

Easy Kadhai Chicken Recipe | How To Make Kadhai Chicken At Home:

Now that you know the fascinating story of kadhai chicken, we suggest, waste no time and prepare it at home this weekend. Let’s take a look at the recipe.

Easy Method To Make Kadhai Chicken:

  1. Start with roasting red chilli, black peppercorn, methi seeds and cumin seeds and coriander seeds on a wok. Let the spices cool down and then grind.
  2. Now, add some oil in a kadhai and saute some onion. Add ginger-garlic paste, chicken pieces and cook for some time. To it, add the ground masala, garam masala and mix.
  3. Add tomato puree, cream and mix again. To it, add some water and cook until it’s done. Sprinkle some salt, kasuri methi and mix everything together. And you have a portion of the delicious kadhai chicken ready to be relished.

Watch the detailed recipe video of kadhai chicken in the header section.

Try it at home and do not forget to let us know how you liked the recipe. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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